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Snack for today: Chocolate Chia Pudding Parfait

Last night I saw this post on FatFree Vegan Kitchen, and I went right to work whipping up some pudding to enjoy today at work. I used agave for sweetener and just added layers of sliced banana. All told, this … Continue reading

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Black-eyed Peas with Greens (make it for New Year’s Day!)

Black-eyed peas and greens are both traditional and much-beloved foods in the American South, so when Jud and I made Christmas breakfast for his (very omnivorous, Southern) mom and her husband, I wanted to include them in the menu. Black-eyed … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year when you just have to make the most of the glorious fresh fruit available, so this morning breakfast was nectarines, blueberries, and the most beautiful figs I’ve ever seen, from my coworker’s tree (thank you, … Continue reading

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Tempeh bacon

Frequent recent breakfasts at The Highline and Wayward Cafe have reminded me how much I love tempeh bacon. Since I can’t eat at those places as often as I’d like, I decided it was time to perfect my own recipe. … Continue reading

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Broccoli-Mushroom Quiche with Lemon and Dill

These vegetables are in season now, but they’re easy to get any time of year for a nice savory brunch item. Broccoli-Mushroom Quiche with Lemon and Dill 2 cups broccoli, cut very small. Finely chop some of the stems along … Continue reading

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